CapCut 130140 Download Laptop PC Windows

CapCut Download on Laptop PC Windows
CapCut Download on Laptop PC Windows


CapCut 130140 Download on Laptop PC WindowsThe Capcut application is currently widely used for editing TikTok videos. Here are some exciting features of the CapCut application that you should know. For TikTok users who are still newbies, you might think that the cool and creative videos on TikTok are edited directly from the application.

Yes actually there are like that, but not all of them either. In fact, nowadays, many TikTok videos are edited using the Capcut application. CapCut works on Windows, Android, and iOS PCs specially developed to complement TikTok’s basic video editing features. This application can be used for free and its features are quite exciting. So don’t be surprised if this application has been downloaded by more than 100 million people.

Now if you are curious about this CapCut application, you must first know some of its exciting features in this Capcut application, including the following:

Features CapCut 130140 On Laptop PC Windows

1. New Project

The New Project feature can be found in the Edit tab. This feature is perfect for those of you who want to really edit videos from scratch. It also contains many interesting tools, and here are some of them (I took the most interesting):

2. Edit

You can use this feature to resize videos. The trick is to move two fingers of your hand to adjust the video size. In it you will also find the Split, Animation, and Remove Background features.

3. Audio

As the name implies, you can use this feature to add audio to the video. There are several options that you can choose from, namely Sounds (containing popular songs), Effects (containing sound effects such as clapping, laughter, etc.)

4. Text

Can you guess what it does? You can use this feature to add text to the video. The tools in it are quite complete. You can create text in various types of fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc. There is also a Text Template feature to create text with beautiful animations.

5. Effect

In this feature, there are two options, namely Video Effects and Body Effects. Video Effects features a variety of popular video filters. While Body Effects contains AR effects that only apply to human photos/videos.

6. Filters

So as the name implies, this feature will display a variety of filters that you can apply to videos. The filters are quite diverse such as Life, Food, Movies, Nature, Retro, B&W, etc.

7. Adjust

This feature is also quite interesting. Because in the Adjust feature you can adjust the brightness, contrast, color saturation, exposure, and video highlights manually.

8. Shortcuts

You can find the Shortcut feature in the Edit tab. Through this feature, you can make videos with certain animation and sound effects.

How to use it is easy. You just have to select certain videos or photos. After that, you just select the animation and audio effects available there.

Honestly, this feature is actually rather practical. But what I don’t like about this feature is that every time we change the animation effect, we need to download it first and the process is quite long. In addition, this feature is not suitable for portrait photos or videos because it only uses landscape mode.

9. Templates

The Template feature is located on the first page when you open the CapCut application. It’s located right next to the Edit tab. If on the Edit tab you can make videos and edit manually, then the Templates feature is different. The Templates feature will present various popular video templates, which you can choose according to your taste. You just select any template, then insert a video or photo into the template. After that, your video is complete with effects and audio. This feature is suitable for those of you who don’t want to bother editing videos.

How to CapCut 130140 Download Laptop PC Windows

It’s easy, please visit the CapCut website here or click on the link below:

After that click download for windows

Wait until the download process is complete

how to download capcut 2
After the download process is complete, please click install now and check the agree with Capcut user license agreement and privacy policy.

how to download capcut 3

Wait for the installation process to finish

how to download capcut 4

When finished, it will appear like the image below. After that click Start Creating, Then we will be shown a new window as shown below:

how to download capcut 6

Next, we are ready to use CapCut

Thank you

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