How to Use Telegram Messenger App

How to Use Telegram Messenger App
How to Use Telegram Messenger App

How to Use Telegram Messenger App – A Complete Guide to Using Telegram on an Android Smartphone and a PC/Laptop This page is for brothers from different Telegram programs that are just plain beautiful. For those who are already familiar with this instant messaging service, I do not think my post is appropriate.

Let’s take a quick look at the Telegram application before moving on. Despite the lack of detail, it can act as a jumping-off point for new users.

What is Telegram, exactly? One of the most widely used chat applications for smartphones and computers in Indonesia, along with WhatsApp, is Telegram. Other chat messaging programs like WhatsApp lack a lot of features that Telegram offers.

For instance, you may use the search function, chatbot, secret discussion, and many other features in the Telegram app. Along with new features, Telegram now has a dramatically different aesthetic from how it used to look. Those who have used Telegram for a while will surely notice the changes.

for brand-new Telegram users who wish to test the software. However, they continue to be ignorant of or unable to understand how. In this article, Teknoding will offer some advice and techniques for newcomers and experienced users who frequently use Telegram on Android smartphones and computers. Check out the following method.

How to Download and Run Telegram on an Android Device

Here is a guide, as well as some advice and instructions for using the Telegram Messenger App, for individuals who are new (beginners) to using Telegram on Android smartphones. A free messaging program called Telegram can be downloaded.

how to install Telegram Messenger on an Android phone or tablet.

  • Downloading the Telegram app from the Google Play Store is the first step towards using it. You might also download it from Telegram for Android.
  • Install it on your Android smartphone or tablet next as usual.
  • then launch the Telegram program.
  • Following that, a popup to register for a Telegram account using your phone number will appear.
    Make a Telegram account on Android.

How do you set up a Telegram account on an Android phone?

  • Launch the Telegram program.
  • Enter your smartphone number after that to establish a Telegram account.
  • The following action is typing the verification code that appears after receiving an incoming SMS in order to
  • verify your smartphone number.
  • After that, all that remains is to add a name and modify the account profile picture.
  • The Telegram app can then be used.

For those of you who already have it, here is the previous Telegram account. Without worrying about losing messages, media, or other data, you may access your account. Your data is stored on a cloud server because Telegram is a cloud-based service. As a result, the next time you log into your account, you won’t need to back up your data.

How can you use Telegram for chat on a phone?

  • Download the Telegram app for Android.
  • Then, select the pencil icon that floats in the lower right corner to start a Telegram conversation.
  • The saved contact’s name is then selected when you click New Message.
  • You can now start a conversation with your contact friends by sending them messages.
  • Additionally, Telegram offers methods for communication with your contact friends. Select “…” from the menu with three dots in the top right corner.
  • The following features have the following features and functions:
  • Call – To dial a phone number.
  • Click here to start a video call.
  • Search – Browse through messages looking for specific words or phrases.
  • Delete all conversation and message history that has been sent and received.Turn off message notifications by clicking the mute icon next to each contact’s name.
  • Chat Delete – End the conversation with each individual contact or delete the entire chat.

For those of you who constantly update your WhatsApp statuses, please take note. Unfortunately, for the time being, users won’t be able to use the tool to change their Telegram status. Because of this, Telegram’s status function is not available right now.

How can you distinguish between group chat and private chat on Telegram? The procedure for using the feature to create a Telegram discussion folder


Telegram Chat List on Smartphone Delete

  • On your phone, launch the Telegram application.
  • For each contact listed on the Telegram site, you can remove a chat from the chat list.
  • To succeed, you must tap and hold each chat or message window.
  • After that, by scrolling up until a menu appears at the top, you can choose the chat that you want to delete.
  • Now that you’ve chosen the chat, all you have to do is click the trash can icon in the upper corner.
  • Then a warning message will appear; just select Delete.

Adding Telegram Contacts

  • Now accessible is Telegram.
  • On the Telegram home page, click the menu in the upper left.
  • Next, select Contacts.
  • Next, you fill out the Add Contact form with the name and phone number of your acquaintance.
  • If so, save it by clicking the checklist icon in the top right corner.

How to Make Changes to Your Telegram Profile

  • On the Telegram home page, click the menu in the upper left.
  • choose or click your Telegram brother’s profile picture next.
  • Now, under the profile area, you may edit or replace your Telegram account’s phone number, username ID, and bio.

Changing the photo on your Telegram profile

  • On the account profile page, you have two choices for your Telegram profile picture.
  • Use the options in the upper right corner first (dots 3).
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Set new photo.
  • The + camera sign is available for the two brothers to choose in the middle right corner.
  • The final step is to select a picture from your smartphone’s gallery.
  • You can also save your Telegram profile picture to the gallery by selecting the Save to gallery button.
  • A profile photo can be deleted by simply selecting the Delete option.

Changing the name of a Telegram contact

  • You can change how the Telegram contact name appears by clicking the sign (dot) menu in the top right corner of the account profile page.
  • Select Edit Name from the drop-down menu after that.
  • After that, you give your new contact a name in the Edit name section.
  • If so, make your modifications by checking the box in the upper right corner.

Getting a Look at Our Telegram ID

  • On your phone, launch the Telegram application.
  • Choose Settings from the menu or click on your profile picture.
  • From the account profile page, select Username.
  • In this section, you may view and modify your Telegram username or ID.
  • Then, you may use the link to share it with your friends.
  • Keep the Telegram ID handy (Your account username). As a result, you can chat with others using the Telegram id username link without needing to know or remember their phone number.

How to Chat on Telegram Without Having to Save Your Number

  • If you want to communicate with friends or other individuals on Telegram but haven’t yet saved their phone numbers.
  • You can use the link or an alternative phone number, such the number link, in place of a username.
  • The link and username are then sent to your friends.
  • Your contact friend will afterwards use a browser on your smartphone to access it.
  • Tell your friends to get in touch with you, then send direct messages using the SEND MESSAGE button on the Telegram app.

Telegram Number Change

  • On your phone, launch the Telegram application.
  • On the account profile screen, choose or tap your phone number.
  • The next selection for changing the new Telegram number is Change Number.
  • Then, pick Change once more in the pop-up warning window. Execute the following command after that.
  • Later, the new number will receive all of your Telegram account’s data, including messages, media, contacts, and other data.
  • You can then use the new number with your Telegram account.
  • Set the Dark Mode to on. Telegram’s logo
  • Launch the Telegram program.To switch between light and dark modes (dark mode). The opposite of bright mode to dark mode.
  • Simply choose it from the menu in the top-left corner.
  • Simply select the “month” icon to the right of your profile photo, as shown in the image above.
  • The dark mode function in Telegram, like that of other apps, is especially useful for lessening the impact of blue light when it’s cool to chat at night.t.

Activate Telegram’s Dark Mode. Chat

  • Now accessible is Telegram.
  • Choose the menu from the upper-left corner.
  • then navigate to Settings.
  • Then, from the Settings section, choose Chat Settings.
  • The only thing left to do is select between the dark, night, and other modes.

Form a Telegram group.

  • Launch the Telegram program.
  • Choose the menu from the upper-left corner.
  • the drop-down menu, select New Group.
  • Next, you pick a few people to add to the new Telegram group.
  • If this is the case, choose the floating blue Next button.
  • The group photo can then be submitted after entering the group name.
  • Clicking the floating blue checklist button is all that has to be done at this point.

Adding Members to Telegram Groups

  • Now accessible is Telegram.
  • Open the Telegram group you are in control of thereafter.
  • Then select group info over it.
  • the drop-down option, select Add Member.
  • Simply choose the contact’s name from the list and click the Checklist button to add them to the group.
  • Sending a link to your friends will allow them to join your Telegram group.
  • Now accessible is Telegram.
  • the Telegram group you are in charge of entering.
  • Go to Group Info > Add Member after that.
  • In the Add Members section, choose Invite to Group by Link.
  • Simply copy or distribute the link in the Invite Link column to your Telegram friends who want to join the group.

How to Become a Member of a Telegram Group

  • Click the link provided by your friends to join the Telegram group.
  • Then select Join Group from the menu.
  • The phrase “You joined the group using the invite link” will appear if you have joined.
  • Members of Telegram Groups Can Be Removed
  • Use Telegram instead.
  • the Telegram group you are in charge of entering.
  • Next, select group details.
  • Next, tap and hold an additional group member.
  • To remove group members, select Remove from the group next.

How to Get Rid of Telegram Group

  • On your phone, launch the Telegram application.
  • Join a Telegram group of your choice.
  • then click the menu in the upper right corner (three dots).
  • After that, choose the Delete and Leave Group option.
  • Select DELETE CHAT from the confirmation popup that appears.
  • Any additional chats submitted after the group has left Telegram will also be deleted right away.
  • Registration for a Telegram Account
  • Launch the Telegram program.
  • Then click the menu panel in the top left corner of the Telegram conversation list screen.
  • The little arrow should be clicked next to the smartphone number.
  • Select Add Account to add a Telegram account after that.
  • All that’s left to do is enter your smartphone’s number after that.
  • Enter the verification code that you will be given by the incoming SMS.
  • Now, you can use different phone numbers to sign in to different Telegram accounts.
  • You should be aware that you can combine and add up to three Telegram accounts.

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